Why Is My Pool Cloudy?

What you probably have in mind is the whole family and several of your friends gathered around your pool, splashing, relaxing, and sharing great times this summer. But what you’re staring at is a pool full of cloudy water. It seems like you have tried everything and this is certainly not the pristine clear water you expected to see. It can be frustrating, but there is help.  There can be several reasons for cloudy water and sometimes it takes a little investigation and quite often it’s just something overlooked.  At Snake River Pool & Spa we want to be able to help you get crystal clear water so you can be enjoying your pool.

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First and foremost, if you have any questions about water care, come see us, bring us a water sample and will help you figure it out. For many pool owners, everything goes well, water is clear, and the pool is ready to enjoy.  For the few wondering why their pool is cloudy, here’s some tips to discovering the reason and how to correct it.


 There are four questions we always ask when we are determining what is causing cloudy water and how to remedy it.

  1. How long are you running your pump and filter every day?
    • It is imperative that your pump and filter run for a minimum of 10-12 hours a day. Anything less will cause the water to turn cloudy or green with algae.    
    • If you are not running your pump and filter this long each day this will be the first step we will have you take to get crystal, clear water.
  2. How old is your filter media?
    • Sand in a sand filter will last approximately 5-7 years. If it is older we will recommend changing the sand in your filter.
    • Cartridges for an in ground pool filter system can last 3- 5 years if taken care of properly. Cartridges for the small above ground pools that can be found at Walmart, etc. will most likely need to be replaced several times a season.  It may be necessary to replace these.
    • Diatomaceous Earth needs to be replaced several times a pool season. Each time you backwash the filter it removes the D.E. from the filter and the filter will need to be recharged.
    • Additionally, if you have an above ground pool where the equipment is dismantled every winter you will want to ensure that the pump and filter is set up correctly. Hoses placed incorrectly will not allow equipment to work efficiently or correctly.
  3. When is the last time you tested your pH level?
    • High pH will cause cloudy water. It is important that you are testing your water at least once a week.  Ensure that your pH is in the proper ranges.  If pH is allowed to remain high for a sustained amount of time the water will cloud.
  4. What is your sanitizer level?
    • If you do not have enough sanitizer in your pool it will turn cloudy and then can turn green.  Low sanitizer allows bacteria and algae to take hold.


When dealing with Cloudy water always check the above four items first.  In most cases resolving one or more of those items will take care of the cloudy water.  If you have checked all of the above items and your pool is still cloudy there are some products that will aid in clearing the water.

SRPS Blog Power Floc


BioGuard Powerfloc causes the particulate in the pool to clump together and it falls to the bottom of the pool. Once the particulate has dropped out (24-48 hours) you will vacuum the pool with the filter in the Waste position.  This bypasses the filter and the pool removing the particulate completely.  You will need to add water after this process is complete so while you are vacuuming go ahead and put the hose in the pool so it can fill as you go.




SRPSBLOGPolysheen Blue

SRPSBLOGNatural ClarifierBioGuard Polysheen Blue or Natural Clarifier are coagulants that causes the particulate to clump together and allows the filter to hold on to them easily. When it comes time to backwash or clean your filter the particulate will wash out at that time.






If you ever have an issue with the clarity of your water, consult with one of our water care experts at Snake River Pool & Spa, we’re here to help. You may want to also consider signing up for our program called the BioGuard® Tru Blue Promise™.

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If you follow the program correctly and your pool turns cloudy or green with algae then Snake River Pool & Spa will give you what’s needed to get back to blue as soon as possible at no charge!


Summer is for enjoying your pool, so for unlimited moments of pool time bliss, your water experts at Snake River Pool & Spa are here to help.